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Money Talk
Is it smart to pay off house? - LSU_Cubs
So, I will be coming into about $115K (wife's Uncle's estate) this year. We are trying to figure out what we should do with it. We owe right around $95K on our house. We are living comfortably - I mean paying off our monthly mortgage right now is not a big deal. However, in a few years we ...
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More Sports
Texas Rangers draft Seahawks Russell Wilson - LSU_Cubs
[link=(]LINK[/link] Rule 5 draft. Neon Deion approves...
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Saints Talk
Chicago fans & radio think the Saints aren't the same out of the dome - LSU_Cubs
So, I live in Chicago...which as a Saints fan it gives me a look into what others think outside of Louisiana. All week on their sports talk radio, I've been hearing the same thing: The bears have the advantage because the saints aren't the same team outside of the dome. So one of the producers...
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