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Tiger Rant
If you could ban one other fan base from TD/SEC rant, which would it be? - TurDuken
bama for me, hated em my whole life. They do have good fans, just none of them post here....
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New Orleans Saints Talk
Sean Payton lives in DFW metroplex - TurDuken
Is anyone other than me concerned SP may be lining up to take Cowgirls HC position? I am willing to bet J. Garrett maybe out the door if he doesn't take Dallas to the NFC championship at least. If this has been discussed before please disregard....
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SEC Rant
A question for all Ags... - TurDuken
Why do so many alumnus of your institution refer to A&M as a military school? West Point, U.S. Naval Academy, VMI, Citadel come to mind when I think of military academies, not A&M. I see A&M as a state school with a big ROTC program. My nephew graduated from aTm and he is the only one I know who do...
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