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LSU Recruiting Board
Sharieff Rhaheed's Crystal Ball on 247 - LSUFAN227
For some reason in the last couple days, 6 of the writers for 247 have came out with their crystal ball projections for Rhaheed and all of them show Louisville. Really like this kids potential and hope we don't lose him. Anyone know anything about this?...
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Outdoor Board
Tuna Charters out of Grand Isle - LSUFAN227
Trying to do a fathers day present for my dad. Anyone have any good suggestions for a Tuna Charter?...
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O-T Lounge
Arrested in Nola - LSUFAN227
Friend got arrested last night. Is it true we won't be able to get him out until Wednesday? ...
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LSU Recruiting Board
Priest Willis final four? - LSUFAN227
Did he narrow his list down on game day like he said earlier? ...
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Tiger Rant
Student Section!!! - LSUFAN227
Whoever suggested taking away student tickets a couple weeks ago for poor attendance after playing 4 shite teams should suck a big fat one. Last night the student section was rockin and Tiger Stadium was the most electric I've seen it since the 07 Florida game. I give the student section about 99% of...
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LSU Recruiting Board
Swanson number #1 FB! - LSUFAN227
According to rivals Swanson is the #1 FB. Gotta love that shite! :geauxtigers:...
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Topics By LSUFAN227
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