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looking for a 5x10 utility trailer - 360footjog
or something similar. I have no experience in purchasing one and have done no research as of yet. I just figured there would be a few on here that were knowledgeable on the subject and could offer up some solid advice! thanks guys! ...
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Into The Wild - 360footjog
Did this movie make you feel completely at peace or completely uncomfortable? I'm torn...
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Same brand or a mixed bag?? - 360footjog
Is it trying too hard to have the same brand clubs throughout the whole bag? I mean some people just like a certain manufacturer and stick with it. Others do it just to have color schemes and names aligned. What say the MSB? Mixed bag based on performance or same manufacturer throughout the bag?? :...
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What do you do if a good 3 wood is 5 yards behind a good driver? - 360footjog
Back off to a 5 wood just to keep good gaps at the top of your bag?...
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Any Golf Tournaments in the area this summer? - 360footjog
Just thought it might be a good idea to have a place to list any local (Louisiana) golf tournaments people might not know wbout otherwise. Mainly interested in two-man team tournaments (best ball, scramble, alternate shot) that would be in the state coming up in the next three-four months. :geauxti...
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