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Zwarte Piet...racist or not? - Addison Tiger
I have been living in Netherlands for two years and this debate comes up every year. The Dutch don't think its racist at all, but foreigners, usually Americans find it pretty offensive. Below is a link to the history, but these guys are basically St. Nicholas' helpers. They paint their faces black, ...
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New Orleans Saints Talk
I hope the Packers enjoy their 2nd straight - Addison Tiger
Superbowl. Because nobody else is going to beat them....especially the 49ers....
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New Orleans Saints Talk
Really GW? - Addison Tiger
You're going to keep one-on-one coverage on vernon davis?...
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Tiger Rant
Is UCLA ballpark capacity really only 1200??? - Addison Tiger
If so, that's just sad. I understand wanting to reward teams that have good seasons with a regional but they should at least consider the type of facilities and force teams to upgrade if they want to host....
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More Sports Board
Why doesn't the Pac-10 just sign up Utah and Boise - Addison Tiger
and have a conference championship? It wouldn't completely eliminate the need for a playoff but it could have helped reduce the controversy the last few years....
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