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Tiger Rant
First Game - chrisksaint
I've been a lifelong LSU fan, but I moved to FL around 8 years old so I never really had many chances to see LSU play until now. Even with the rain and an alright crowd I'm damn proud to say I got to see this group of seniors/juniors play their last ever college football game. They left it all ou...
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Pelicans Talk
Ryan Anderon Interview - chrisksaint,0, Ryno did an interview with some of the Orlando media about his GF. A ton of emotion expressed if you watch the vid, I had to hold back some tears just within ...
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O-T Lounge
Detroit Community beat alleged rapist - chrisksaint
I don't necessarily agree with vigilante actions, but I can't really hate it in this scenario. ...
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More Sports
Marlins HC Tino Martinez Resigns Amid Abuse Allegations - chrisksaint Supposedly he grabbed Rookie 2B Derek Dietrich by the neck in one altercation. Even though the team has played well sinc...
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Movie/TV Board
Pain And Gain - chrisksaint
Saw it just recently, been excited for this movie due to the cast but went in with little expectations as I try to do with movies now. Thought it started out weird, but funny then once it settled down I thought it was great. May have been the best acting i've seen from The Rock. Curious what othe...
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