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SEC Rant
Louisville & Clemson to SEC? - FatDrunknStupid
"If you can't beat them, join them" right LSU and Florida? ... but seriously, given that Strong and Dabo stay in place for 3+ years, they've definitely made a case for themselves. Louisville has a pretty good basketball program to add to the mix. inbeforefatdrunkandstupidisfatdrunkandstupid...
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Coaching Changes
Chizik's $7.5M buyout - FatDrunknStupid
I just had two Auburn alums in my office. They both were trying to convince me that Auburn will pay to get Chizik out of there. I told them that 7.5M plus 3M for a new coach the following year is a lot of money for a team that isn't in the top earners club with Alabama, Georgia, LSU & Florida. They ...
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LSU Ticket Exchange
Needed: 4 tickets to Miss St - FatDrunknStupid
I'm looking for 4 tickets all side by side for the game. Email me at
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More Sports
4 of 5 D-1 Louisiana CFB teams to bowls? - FatDrunknStupid
Just checked the updated projections and noticed UL, UL Monroe, LA-Tech and LSU were all picked to go bowling in December and January. Not too bad for the state. ...
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Tiger Rant
TAF- Tulane Athletic Fund - FatDrunknStupid
[link=(]TAF?[/link] I got an email from these guys today. Anyone know if some of our guys helped them get this kick started to raise fan support and such? Did they really have to call it TAF and not Green Wave Athletic Fund, just a thought....
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LSU Ticket Exchange
LSU vs. Oregon Game Tickets Scam - FatDrunknStupid
Just a heads up for those searching high and low for decently priced tickets.
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