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Tiger Rant
Welcoming Y'all to the SMU Area - KJA
I meant to do this earlier, but the last few days have been hectic. I'm a die-hard LSU fan, but go to school here and wanted to post a few restaurants around campus and the like that could be helpful for anyone from the Dallas area that doesn't come around SMU often or anyone coming in from out of t...

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Political Talk
Met former Dallas Mayor and Senate Candidate Tom Leppert Last Night - KJA
I'm a freshmen at SMU and Mr. Leppert came and spoke at the College Republicans meeting last night. Those of you in Texas are probably familiar with him but those from elsewhere are probably not. I had voted for him in the primary and he was very impressive in person as well. Some of the importan...

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Gaming Board
How Often Do You Get Disconnected Playing EA SPORTS Games (PS3) - KJA
There for awhile almost every game of FIFA I was getting booted off by the EA servers. I thought it might just be a FIFA thing, but it just happened to me on NCAA after a furious late comeback, as TM7 walked in with a go ahead pick six. Some games are just fine and I play with no problems. And I...

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More Sports Board
Texans called for roughing the passer on a sack - KJA
Without question the sissiest call over the last decade of pussifying football. I seriously fear what football will look like when I'm 80....

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Conference Expansion
My Super Conference Plan (Long) - KJA
I want to start by saying I hate conference expansion. I love everything about college football as is: the exciting regular season, tradition, and rivalries chief among them. But, with recent events I decided to map out how I would form superconferences. It is certainly not perfect, but you get what...

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