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Saints Talk
galette's "girlfriend" on twitter - shmashmortion
If Germans, please delete. But check out tweets under this name. It is supposedly his girlfriend, but there are clearly specific details which lead one to think it is JG. The type also reminds me of juniors tweets in the past, at least a...
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Tech Board
Android media player - shmashmortion
I enjoy listening to old taping of radio shows, but I am not able to bring a cellphone (with cellular Internet access) into work. I have an iPod touch I use to listen to my iTunes music and podcasts, but I dont want the trouble of having to go on my desktop to download the files. In addition, the fi...
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Money Talk
Purchasing a private sale vehicle through a dealer - shmashmortion
I'm looking at possibly purchasing a vehicle through a private sale and was curious if the deal can be "brokered" through a dealership. I have a preapproved loan through a credit union, but I'd like to get the taxes and title rolled into the loan. If so, what would the dealership typically charge an...
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O-T Lounge
Keg tap - shmashmortion
Does anyone know where I can get a keg tap tonight in be or denham? Count at albertsons said they couldnt sell one after 9. I'll rent or buy. And approx how much for renting and buying?...
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