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Fantasy Sports Board
Tommy La Stella - MississippiCatfish
I currently have the #3 pick in my NL only 10 team keeper league waiver wire priority order. My question is what is everyones thoughts on La Stella and does he warrant losing the 3 spot on the waiver wire order. ...
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Outdoor Board
Hornady American Whitetail ammo - MississippiCatfish
Looking for some insight on this particular ammo. I usually shoot only Winchester for my 30-06 but haven't been able to find any anywhere lately (an ammo shortage, crazy right?). My local dealer has tons of hornady American whitetail 150 grain though, anybody shoot these?...
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LSU Recruiting Board
Josh McNeil's future? - MississippiCatfish
Where can we expect this guy to go and when can we expect him to join the program, if he does at all?...
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Topics By MississippiCatfish
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