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Source for whole pig in Baton Rouge area - TigerTaco
Anyone have a source for a whole 15-20 lbs. pig in the BR area? So far, I've found two places in town. At Scallan's, the price is right at $2.69 lb., but the smallest available is 30 lbs. Chris's Specialty Meats can get the size I need, but the price is $5.99/lb. Kartchner's in Krotz Springs sell...

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Outdoor Board
Paging Glassman-Boat repair/building supplies near Baton Rouge - TigerTaco
I want to add a bow and stern deck to a small fiberglass boat. To save weight, I'd like to find Coosa board, Plascore or similar foam core sheeting close to Baton Rouge. I don't need much so I'd rather not have to pay for shipping for one or two 4x8 sheets. Anyone know of a local source? ...

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