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New Orleans Saints Talk
Bobby Hebert - help settle a discussion - GrantTheFan
Some buddies and I were discussing Kapernick's new contract and we got around to Bobby. Long story short, my opinion is that Bobby was a middle of the pack, top 15 QB in his era. The troll of the group claims Bobby was not, just a terrible player who couldn't capitalize even with the best defense ...

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Outdoor Board
Would an I/O runabout Ski and Fish work in bays? - GrantTheFan
Here is my line of thinking on buying a new boat. I've always enjoying cruising/ski'ing and hanging out at the sand bars in Lake Maurepas. I also like to fish, but I'm not hardcore about it. My old Bayliner is on its last legs and I was thinking of buyer another similar inboard/outboard runabout,...

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O-T Lounge
Happy's "Overpass" deal falls through, Zee Zee's to stay open - GrantTheFan
Or so i was just told by someone who would know. Personally, I'm glad, ZZ's has always been a favorite....

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More Sports Board
Settle a Bet - Baseball related - GrantTheFan
ok, I assume I've chosen the wrong board for this, but since I'm looking for the normal person's opinion here I kept it away from the 'tards, who obviously have so much knowledge I wouldn't understand their answers. So here's the scenario, you're a baseball coach and your team can either have great...

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Coaching Changes
STOP one tiny bit of the madness - GrantTheFan
Del Rio, 66-65 with the Jaguars, is the first coach since the NFL merger in 1970 to lead the same team for eight years without capturing a division title ~ CNN/SI So why would any reasonable person want to replace the most successful coach in LSU Football history with this most absolutely perfe...

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