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crawfish cooker question - roberto
was thinking about having a built-in crawfish cooker in an outdoor kitchen. the contractor says this is what i need: How effectively will a 65k btu nat gas burner work vs 105k btu (or greater) propane jet burner? the nat ga...

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O-T Lounge
discount golf websites? - roberto
looking to buy some i-20s. priced them at about $800 at retail outlets (golfsmith, golf galaxy, etc). came across a couple of websites that were offering them for around $400. seemed too good to be true, but was wondering if anybody ever purchased clubs from these websites and if you got what yo...

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Tiger Rant
Give Miles some credit, please - roberto
Stop riding the guy's jock about clock management issues. He said after Ole Miss game that he would correct the problem. We got the snap off this time, so I think that all this bashing is not warranted....

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