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Money Talk
Payoff Quote on Mortgage (Ocwen) - Flipadelphia
I was one of the unfortunate that ended up with Ocwen after GMAC folded. I'm selling my house and the title company called and said that they can't get a payoff quote from Ocwen. They asked if I would try, so I agreed. I went through the automated call system and requested one faxed over last...
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O-T Lounge
Why I love Facebook - Flipadelphia
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Food and Drink Board
The Cove Hawaiian Grill REVIEW - Flipadelphia
I searched and posted in the other thread, but apparently it is anchored for some reason... Ate there today for lunch. I went with the beef platter. The Good: The beef was really good. The rice was fine, though I assume that it's hard to mess up. The Not so Good: I felt that the port...
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Food and Drink Board
Possible Curbside Brick and Mortar? - Flipadelphia
I saw this on their Twitter account through their website: [IMG][/IMG]...
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Help Board
Why Did This Get Anchored? - Flipadelphia
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Movie/TV Board
**Official** The Dark Knight Rises Review Thread (Spoiler Free) - Flipadelphia
Since I'm apparently the first, I'll get it started: EPIC I just got back from a special screening of it and it definitely surpassed my expectations. I remember seeing Batman Begins and thinking "this is a really good superhero movie". Then I saw The Dark Knight and thought "this i...
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Fark Board
Kip Holden "Deal With It" - Flipadelphia
Can someone make a Deal With It gif with Kip? TIA [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] ...
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Topics By Flipadelphia
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