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Amazon Pilot: The Man in the High Castle - brgfather129
Anybody watch this yet? Phenomenal...I am willing to go full retard and claim this was one of the best pilots I have ever seen. Adapted from Philip K. Dick's novel...explores what may have happened had the Axis Powers won WWII, divided up and ruled the United States. ...
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Cowboys Safety Church, TPOS, targeting Golden Tate Sunday - brgfather129
If anything happens to Tate, I hope the NFL addresses this thug's premeditated act with a well-earned suspension. Let's keep it clean. [link=(]We'll definitely get him back after that...[/link] Nice awareness, Se...
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Food and Drink
Real Ale "Scots Gone Wild" Sour Ale - brgfather129
I was fortunate enough to try this last week at 24 Diner in was awesome. It doesn't appear as if it is bottled. Anyone out there recommend something similar that is available in the store? [i]Scots Gone Wild marks the initial offering from Real Ale Brewing Company in the world of...
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Calvin Johnson update- - brgfather129
Yesterday, I responded to a couple posts with regard to his status for Sunday...thought I should give an update. It appears that he was participating fully in practice yesterday, but was more limited today. Yesterday, I figured he was a lock to, not so sure. [link=(http://www.mlive.c...
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