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Tiger Rant
Stop worrying, NC a lock - LSUCRNA
Excluding '58, which I had no controlled over. Every year I have had a child, LSU has won the National Championship. Well fellow ranters, in November we welcomed our third child and ensured another championship!! Coincidence I think not!!! Geaux Tigers!!...

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O-T Lounge
automatic lawn sprinkler question - LSUCRNA
Considering getting a sprinkling system installed. I live in Mandeville. Anybody out there know a company they would recommend? Im spending 4-5 hours every couple of days moving the Damn sprinklers and my lawn still looks like its half dead. TIA. ...

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Food and Drink Board
Cooking with rum help! - LSUCRNA
Planning on cooking bananas foster this weekend for the first time. Have a receipe from Brennans that calls for rum. Rum will be flamed. Do I need to have 151 or will regular rum work?...

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