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New Orleans Saints Talk
Really, CBS? Nix? - Bacchus
[quote]Nix looking forward to new role by Scott Purks, G Carl Nix on moving from a pass-happy offense in New Orleans to a run-first offense in Tampa: "I like playing in (a run-oriented offense). In New Orleans it was pass first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth and maybe r...

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Food and Drink Board
Do you tip when picking up take-out? - Bacchus
Instead of having pizza delivered to the house, I'll often order it and pick it up on the way home from work. I'll also pick up dinner from the usual "curbside-to-go" places on occasion. I never tip the pizza guys when I pick it up myself, and I'll tip 10% to the server who brings the food out...

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Fantasy Sports Board
Do you think this trade is fair? - Bacchus
10 team keeper league, must give up a draft pick prior to the round the player was selected. Strasberg (13th round pick) for A-Rod (1st round pick). On one hand, Strasberg is starting out in the minors, but could see some action this year, but this is a long term play and can be kept for poten...

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O-T Lounge
In-Law Question - Bacchus
I'm having a spirited debate with a co-worker about the extent of in-law relationships. Her argument is that anyone related to your spouse, either by blood or marriage, is her in-law. So if her husband's brother gets married, that person would become her sister-in-law. By that rationale, then tha...

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