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Soccer Board
Kenny Cooper - redwolfsteamroller
Why is he not on our WC roster? Does Jurgen hate him like he does LD? He's clearly the best scorer in American history. He and wondo should start up top. They have the best scoring proficiency in a USofA kit. I mean he played for ManU. Kenny Cooper ain't nothing to frick with! ...
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LSU Ticket Exchange
Need 4 tickets for South Carolina - redwolfsteamroller
looking to buy 4 tickets to the south carolina game...
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Tiger Rant
Point Guard this season - redwolfsteamroller
without the pride of God's Academy coupled with the loss of Bo "Shooting Star" Spencer who does the Rant think starts at the point this year? :geauxtigers: :geauxtigers:...
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Fantasy Sports Board
WR help - redwolfsteamroller
which one? Antonio Bryant Roy Williams :geauxtigers:...
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Tiger Rant
So who starts at cornerback? - redwolfsteamroller
i believe that jai and peterson should start with hawkins as the nickel. your thoughts :geauxtigers: :geauxtigers:...
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Movie/TV Board
12 ROUNDS...1 more week! - redwolfsteamroller
who else is excited??? the JOHN CENA stars in the action packed thriller twelve rounds! cena previously starred in the marine, an underrated oscar snubbed drama. what are the chances the academy recognizes greatness this time around? :cool: :dude:...
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O-T Lounge
im hungry - redwolfsteamroller
where should i eat tonight. i need something fast i have to study tonight. :geauxtigers: :geauxtigers: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:...
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