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Tiger Rant
patterson can ball - gothibhigh
this kid was a nice find for a point guard, very nice touch, and seems to be able to guard the perimeter very well, has good size for a point and decent enough to play the 2 as well...
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SEC Rant
auburn fans - gothibhigh
thibodaux high alum and played wit t reed and big greg for a few years, of course im a huge lsu fan, but im really curious about how trovon is doing at cornerback, what are you guys hearing, any chance he becoemes a stud, most people dont know is the reason he didnt come to lsu if becuase les mile...
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Pelicans Talk
how the FCKKKK - gothibhigh
do u not iso gordon there hes gunna get fouled more than likely... i swear we payin him 58 mil to fckin inbound the ball now...
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