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LSU Ticket Exchange
Selling 4 LSU / South Carolina tickets - jxntiger
4 tickets for the LSU/USC game on the 10th. Section 508 Row 25 Seats 16,17,18,19 Asking face value of $75/each plus the $15 convenience fee paid to LSU for my ticket purchase. Total $315.
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Outdoor Board
Mechanical broadheads and shoot thru mesh??? - jxntiger
I have always shot fixed blade broadheads. Have made the switch this year and decided to try the Rage 2 blade. The rage website says they are fine to shoot through the mesh on a pop up blind. What are your opinions?...
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Tiger Rant
OIe Miss Coach Andy Kennedy arrested - jxntiger
It appears that Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy is in a little hot water. Check out this article of his arrest.
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