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Music Board
Metal Guitar Players, What is your pickup of choice? - monz29
I have EMG 81/85 actives in a Zakk Wylde model Les Paul, a DiMarzio Tone Zone in a Fender Heartfield and a Screamin Dreamin in my Jackson PS4. I am looking to get some new aftermarket pickups in some of my other guitars, and was curious what other metal fans liked. The EMGs are nice, but I r...
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Movie/TV Board
American Horror Story- I'm late to the party - monz29
Just wathced the last few episodes and love this show. How does the first season compare to this one? :cheers:...
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Music Board
Songs with the best riffs - monz29
a takeoff of the best solo question Ted Nugent- Stranglehold Pantera- Walk Led Zepplin- Black Dog Black Label Society- Crazy Horse GnR- Sweet Child...
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More Sports Board
Do you think Goodell is watching these games? - monz29
He could not possibly be hanging out on his couch last night, watching this crap and think that he is doing a good job running the league. He needs to quit fining people for speaking the truth about the refs and the league and fix the problem. On another note, it would be great for him to sho...
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O-T Lounge
Fans of other schools coming to your place of business. - monz29
I have fans coming in all the time from other schools ( Bama, Oregon, USC, Ole Miss, etc) and have to schmooze them for the sake of the business and tell them how much I like their schools. I even an Ole Miss client a Hoddy Toddy the other day, I was sick to my stomach afterwards and felt like a se...
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Gaming Board
Excessive gaming can lead to death, apparently.. - monz29
[link=(]Games dies after playin 40 hours straight[/link] is there now going to be warning labels on games now...... who has the time to play 40 hrs straight anyway....
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Food and Drink Board
Wife wants an Espresso machine........... - monz29
for mother's day. I am not a coffee drinker, and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations or more so, what to stay away from. There seems to be a very large range in prices. :geauxtigers:...
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Tiger Rant
Will the Florida fans booing be a media sensation? - monz29
I know the rants 'media hates LSU' position, but this does not ever get mentioned IMO. Just goes to show all fan bases get frustrated. If you check out the florida boards, they are questioning their coaching now. Thoughts? :geauxtigers:...
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Food and Drink Board
Smokers- electric or charcoal? - monz29
I am looking to probably buy an electric smoker in the near future and was curious if anyone out there likes theirs, or should I scrap that idea and get a charcoal smoker?...
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