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Floyd Mayweather's Punchout!!! - grimmrimmer
[link=(]LINK[/link] :lol: :lol:...
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O-T Lounge
Just got snipped - grimmrimmer
At home relaxing right now with frozen peas on my boys. It was a really easy procedure... much easier than I thought. I got the no scalpel, no needle variety. Anyone else getting it done for the long football weekend?...
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SEC Rant
Do people not know what good football is? - grimmrimmer
I don't know if you guys saw the Gene W. ESPN article or not, but he is crazy. [link=(]LINK[/link] I thought that was an amazing game last night between two of the best Ds in recent histor...
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Conference Expansion
ACC accepts Pitt and Cuse officially - grimmrimmer
[link=(;_ylt=Ar9I6JYCkHsHhazKGXoAHmo5nYcB?slug=ap-acctalks)]LINK[/link] Crap... please merge. Didn't see the other one. grrr......
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