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Question about donating a car?? - Amadeo
I just bought a used car from an out of state dealership. The car is not yet registered with the state so of course I don't have title issued in my name yet. I want (as was my original intention) to donate the car to a relative (La resident). The question is....Do I first have to register car w...
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Movie/TV Board
The Rebel would have turned 80 today. - Amadeo
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More Sports
Consider Paul Hornung and Gale Sayers - Amadeo
...or more to the point. What the frick are they doing in the Hall of Fame? In nine years Hornung ran for 3711 yds. for an average of 412 yds a season. In seven years Sayers ran for 4956 yds. for an average of 708 yds a season for teams that never sniffed an NFL Championship team. By basis o...
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Tiger Rant
Consider Mark Emmert - Amadeo
....while under his watch, his schools have practically run the table in all major NCAA Championships. Football-2003 LSU Mens Basketball-1999 UConn Womens Basketball-1999 UConn Baseball-2000 LSU Softball-2009 UW Mens OD Track-2002 LSU Womens OD Track-2000,2003 LSU Mens ID Track-2001,2004 L...
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Political Talk
John Edwards caught with mistress and love child. - Amadeo
per Stay tuned...
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