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re: Why would anyone want to be President?

I think most politicians have a huge drive that rarely gets satisfied.

Most of them, do law school, then practice, then run for local office, then state, then national.

I like to think somewhere in there they had good intentions
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re: Why would anyone want to be President?
When you look at the backgrounds of the last three-Clinton, Bush, Obama-they've all been aiming toward this since they were teenagers, if not before. Earlier presidents, there's a lot more eclecticism, but I think going forward this is the kind of person you're going to get. They've figured out the template--Gladhand from an early age, get into an elite school, get noticed by people who can grease the skids, and work your way into position to launch a presidential bid.

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re: Why would anyone want to be President?

I think most politicians get into it because they want to make a difference.

Maybe school board member, city councilman or small-town mayor, but there are no altruistic folks seeking state or federal office.

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