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Why is Obama scared to lecture Hispanics...

about racial profiling? George Zimmerman is Hispanic just like Obama is black. He does this whole debate a disservice by singling out the whites. I can handle a race conversation but let's at least address the appropriate races in this debate.

I don't know, but my patients is wearing thin when our President is trying to be clever by half by not addressing Hispanics. Why is he so scared to address Mr. Zimmerman's ethnicity? Is it because it doesn't fit his narrative?

Quentin Compson
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re: Why is Obama scared to lecture Hispanics...
Obama is trying to get blacks to turn out in 2014.

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Dark Tiger
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re: Why is Obama scared to lecture Hispanics...

our President

He is not a President - he is just a POS race-baiting community organizer. He cannot get out of office soon enough for the good of our country.

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re: Why is Obama scared to lecture Hispanics...
Everything Obama does is to campaign, build vote count, gain power. He doesn't know how to lead, preside, or legislate on behalf of the American people. He is self centered, disconnected, and dishonest to an extreme degree. Obama is a disgusting human being and the end of his term cannot happen fast enough.

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