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re: We can all Agree we will never be able to coexist with Islam

The same reason I don't know any Russians, Tongans, or Eskimos. They just aren't in the places I frequent I suppose?

Aren't there only like 100k Tongans?

Most Muslims I know had initial apprehensions about interacting with me given the 4 years I spent in the Corps and pumps I did to Iraq and Afghanistan. I've still managed to make a few good Muslim friends at LSU, although some of their other friends can't get past my actions abroad. Most major universities have a decent Muslim population now and days.There where also a large number of Muslims at the boarding school I went to on the East coast. I guess ritzy prep schools and universities aren't places you've frequented...

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re: We can all Agree we will never be able to coexist with Islam

We still sold arms to our enemies. Besides that being illegal, how can you claim Carter was appeasing Iran when he negotiated the release of hostages rather than military force then say its ok to sell arms to get the release of hostages?

One negotiates, the other sells arms to them. And the former is the appeaser and he latter is the tough guy?!

And I noticed you didn't comment on the 300 dead Americans whose lives were lost in vain.

While we're at it, we might as well mention the money (from arming Iran) being spent on arms (for Contras), and being exchanged for for drugs (for America), to finance more arms (for Contras), in exchange for more drugs (for America), allegedly being secretly smuggled through Mena, Arkansas, allegedly under the watchful eye of an Arkansas governor/future President at the time (Slick Willie)...all while Nancy Reagan is saying "just say no" (to drugs). It all gets kinda confusing but I wanted to make sure we gave it at least honorable mention.

Can we exist with Islam? Probably not very well, but we can sure as hell run a scam.
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