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Staying in power vs. Doing what they said
I see people who are on both side of this fence. Some Republicans want to see the GOP completely ditch social issues (a historically important GOP platform) in order to get in power again. Many Democrats are unhappy that those who've been elected haven't done many of the things they said that they would do.

And, I saw the same thing when Bush was in power. Democrats talking about what they had to do to get back in power and Republicans not doing things they promised to do.

So, where do you stand? Do you prefer for those you to elect to:

A. Do anything necessary (compromise, lie, etc.) to stay in power.
B. Do exactly what they said they would do (regardless of if it will lose them votes).
C. A combination of the two (some compromise, not enough to lose votes, but just barely enough of what they said they would do).

Also, which do you feel like the politicians you vote for actually do?

I would vote for B, and I feel like they always do A.

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re: Staying in power vs. Doing what they said
We need term limits so that "A" is not necessarily an option.

I am sure most on this board would agree with "B" as the preferred choice and so would I.

I recognize that many believe that the ultimate term limit is to vote the politician out of office. However, I believe we might return our politicians back to the goal of service to the people by limiting their terms and eliminating lobbying groups. What we have now is absurd.

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re: Staying in power vs. Doing what they said
I say, take the rhetoric you espouse and apply it across the board. If you want to be the party of economic freedom, the power of liberty, BE that party. Support Individual liberty. Don't say you're for small government. Vote for small government. Vote for less spending. Introduce laws to change this country in that direction.

We can respect personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and still be financially and militarily secure. We just have to demand it out of those who represent us. The gaps between the beliefs of politically aware republican and democratic voters is not that vast. We truly want most of the same things and only differ on a few major issues. It is only the rhetoric, the propaganda, and the false dichotomy used to control us that divides us.

The reason people hate both parties is because they hate that they constantly say one thing and do another. People respect conviction even when they don't agree with it. What we need is a party that is closer to Ron Paul in principle and Ronald Reagan in rhetoric. They say things are always darkest before the dawn. We can have morning rather than mourning again in America.

We can have a better America, we deserve America, and if we take ownership of it, we will have a better America for today, tomorrow, and for all perpetuity. It starts here, it starts now, it starts with all of us. Kingbob 2016!

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re: Staying in power vs. Doing what they said
This is why the 16th amendment should never have been passed. When it passed it, the little beast that had been fed as needed was unleashed and became a ravenous, devouring, growing beast. The only way to get shrink the beast back down is to leash it back so it can't taking from us as it wishes.

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