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re: Ronald Reagan explains the debt...


This. Reagan brought us out of the deepest depression (up until then) since the Great Depression. Obama-ites will tell you that Obama's deficits were necessary to bring us out of the current recession... wouldn't the same "excuse" apply to Reagan if one was being intellectually honest?

Or remember under Bush when they had the deaths in the war on terror counter on CNN everyday. I guess that number is irrelevant when a Democrat is in office.

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re: Ronald Reagan explains the debt...
Cant get over how intellectually dishonest the liberals are in this thread(and in general).

The Reagan deficit is nothing like the Obama deficit. The amped up defense spending accelerated the decline of the Soviet Union and won the Cold War. It liberated a lot of people from tyranny. Reagan lowered taxes the tax burden to end a depression and it did. It was an investment that paid off. You remember that booming economy in the late 80s and 90s? The investment(not really an investment, Washington just took less money from people) paid off.

Obama's spending doesn't invest in the economy. Extending unemployment and expanding entitlements does not do anything to end a recession. We have two shining examples of this in American history and the Obama regime is one of them.

Reagan did have a huge fault: his policies assumed that later presidents would follow his philosophies. His tax policies had a huge ROI but the ROI wasnt used to pay off the investment, it was used to expand government to an unsustainable level of operation.
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re: Ronald Reagan explains the debt...

It's like AIDS activists claiming the disease is spreading fastest among straight men by using percentage increases. Look at the actual Increases and it ain't even close.

Oooh, I love analogies and that's a good one.

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