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re: is the Republican Party's demise overblown?


Only half of this is true sadly. The huge support the Republicans have the patriot act and things of that nature is appalling from a limited government stance. Additionally, if they were truly limited government that wouldn't want federal laws that look into what we do behind closed doors. The Republicans like a bigger defensive budget despite the fact that we outspend the next closet country by 4x the amount. In all honesty, the right likes big government just as much as the left, it just varies on which departments.

I didn't say that is what they are right now, but what they should be. They also need to find a way to ditch the idea of being the party of "old, rich men." I do think the development of new media on the internet is only going to help the GOP. I think Romney's inability to control the media narrative really hurt him.

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re: is the Republican Party's demise overblown?

Are you suggesting that the votes of people in urban areas should count for less, say three-fifths?

If this is some sort of attempt at portraying someone as a Southern redneck racist, then you don't know squat about the three-fifths compromise, which is that the "enlightened" North wanted slaves to count as zero persons in terms of Congressional and electoral apportion, and the South wanted them to count as full people because it would increase the clout of the South in Congress, and they compromised at three-fifths.

Otherwise, my apologies in advance.
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re: is the Republican Party's demise overblown?

is the Republican Party's demise overblown?

Probably. They'll be well represented in the House and . . . maybe . . . in the Senate. Where they're going to have problems is winning the presidency. The electoral college does not favor the GOP.

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