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re: Gun Rights Question


My guess is that the shooters would have probably wasted a lot of bullets.

Have you ever fired an automatic weapon? I will put it out on the table that I HAVE NOT. You may be right. But I can see where spraying bullets into a crowd of older folks at a public speech (Arizona) or a Luby's (Killeen,TX) where old people are gathered and tried to move in mass away from a shooter? I don't know. You would need Gil Grissom or a combat veteran who has fired a gun AT PEOPLE to answer that for you.

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re: Gun Rights Question
No, no felons that I personally know.

I have noticed that as one right is limited, that those limitations invariably infringe on other rights. Attempts to balance the proverbial ship always end up as half measures instead of solving the problem.

Very time consuming and unproductive in my opinion.

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re: Gun Rights Question

Have you ever fired an automatic weapon?

No. But I would have trouble accurately firing anything faster than my AR.

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re: Gun Rights Question

. We currently have some of these laws on the books. They have not prevented felons from accessing firearms. Is a more invasive system going to be required to prevent mentally ill people and convicted felons from owning firearms?

2. Should a convicted felon who has paid his dues in prison be deprived of the same rights as other citizens long after his conviction and incarceration? Are all felony convictions life sentences? Do you differentiate between violent felon and white collar felonies?

1. My understanding is not all states currently report mental illness to the database? I'm not sure how this information will be gathered or reported going forward.

2. Interesting point, are you a felon for life? I think unless you get pardoned or the conviction expunged which implies you are rehabilitated and reintegrated into society, my answer would be yes, therefore you have forfeited your right to bear arms.

I would not treat white collar felonies any different, my opinion is WC criminals like the Enron guys, Stanford, etc are far more destructive to our society and I would never let them out of prison, but that's another topic.

Will any new laws prevent another sandy hook? I cannot think of any currently proposed that would. He stole the guns he used, he carried plenty of clips, capacity doesn't matter, who was going to stop him from reloading? Not the kids, shoot the adults first.

Fortunately these are very rare events.

I do believe schools can and should be made safer with more security enhancements including on site law enforcement officers.

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