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re: Drug sniffing dogs at airport


The airport is a place where 99 percent of the population doesn't mind giving up freedom. T

This is probably true if you're asking about giving up freedom in the name of plane safety. But, I'm fairly certain that no plane in history has been brought down out of the sky by 10 oz of marijuana in someone's carry on.

That's the problem. Once a police state gets an "in" into an area, they view it as a license to look for ALL crimes. The TSA was sold to us in the name of preventing future 9-11s but in the final analysis, that has turned out to be just a subset of the shite it's after.

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re: Drug sniffing dogs at airport
It would be intereting to throw a bunch of Dry Trinidad Scorpion pepper powder on someone's rolling bag and watch that mutt go crazy after sniffing that!

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re: Drug sniffing dogs at airport

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