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re: Al Quaida in Pakistan, Yemen, etc. now Mali and Syria


All these Al Qaida related groups have their own motivations. I have no doubt that some terrorists are motivated by occupation and bombings, just as some are religiously motivated. We have to pursue them while trying not to create new terrorists. I'm sure that's difficult to do.

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re: Al Quaida in Pakistan, Yemen, etc. now Mali and Syria
But according to Obama Romney is a liar and Al Quaida is on the run.

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re: Al Quaida in Pakistan, Yemen, etc. now Mali and Syria

What is the end game for Al Quaida, the Islamic Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, and other islamic militants?

This question really couldn't be more broad than it already is. You can't lump these groups together.


Is there any appeasing the Islamic militants? Is peace possible between the West and Islam?

As long as you're classifying it between "the West and Islam," then no. The two are not comparable in the sense that one falls under the umbrella of a state actor and another is a religion.


Will this be a generational battle, an actual global conflict between non-state coalitions of jihadists and Western nations using covert warfare, drone attacks, paramilitaries, methods of torture or "near-torture", and inclduing periodic arial and ground assaults as necessary for the next 3 or 4 decades?

The problem didn't spring up on 9/11, and it surely won't be going away anytime soon. However, we have managed to streamline our military and covert operations so that we can effectively deal with such threats without wasting lives or going bankrupt. It will probably be a while unless there are significant structural shifts in the various regions that we are currently involved in.

Your questions are too broad to be answered with any detail.

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