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Wikileaks - Podesta Files - Part 19

(Page 1 2)
by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 3810/26 8:40 am
sticky post

List of 400 most damaging Hillary emails by category

(Page 1 2 3)
by funnystuff
funnystuff5710/23 8:00 pm
Tigressa del Norte

Bamascoop has to be setting all time records on upvotes,

by StPeteLSU
StPeteLSU 310/26 8:41 am

Trump is leading early voting in FL still

by stout
stout 510/26 8:41 am

O'Keefe - did you take money from a bank in BELIZE and then return it

(Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)
by Wimp Lo
Wimp Lo 14410/26 8:40 am
Wimp Lo

Electoral Map with data from 492,911 respondents at

(Page 1 2)
by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 2010/26 8:40 am

T or F: Trump will win more electoral votes than Willard Romney

by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 610/26 8:40 am

Kellyanne Conway sets Savannah straight

by tigerskin
tigerskin 610/26 8:40 am

Bleeding Megyn get bled dry on twitter

by CptBengal
CptBengal 1710/26 8:40 am
Nado Jenkins83

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized By Sledgehammer

by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 1310/26 8:40 am
Wally Sparks

Seems like Trump is crushing it in NC early balloting

by SirWinston
SirWinston 210/26 8:40 am

UPDATED-YouTube- Megyn Kelly Destroyed by Gingrich - VIDEO

(Page 1 2 3 ... 6 7 8 9)
by davidsheroes
davidsheroes 16010/26 8:39 am
Blob Fish

White Students forced to walk through woods and chased away from University Cal

(Page 1 2 3 4)
by davidsheroes
davidsheroes 6410/26 8:39 am

Why Are Trumpkins so Scared?

by AUbused
AUbused 1710/26 8:39 am
Robin Masters

Barack Hussein Obama is Having a Terrible Week

by Boanerges
Boanerges810/26 8:39 am
sabes que

Ok officially MAGA'd coat fits well: some observations

by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 010/26 8:38 am

What if Trump got an DNA test

by Wtodd
Wtodd 610/26 8:37 am

HIGH ENERGY Pence Visits ALL FOUR Time Zones Today

by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 410/26 8:37 am
King Teal

Gen X's letting us down.

(Page 1 2 3)
by gobuxgo5
gobuxgo5 4810/26 8:36 am

Early voters break Bexar County record in first day on General Election 2016

(Page 1 2 3)
by Wolfhound45
Wolfhound45 4410/26 8:36 am

I'm in line to MAGA...let's do this!

by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 1610/26 8:36 am
Blob Fish

Malik Obama now understand Pepe and Harambe

by SirWinston
SirWinston 510/26 8:33 am

FL Trump odds on Predictit surging from 25% yesterday to 40% today

by GeneralLee
GeneralLee 910/26 8:33 am
Blob Fish

A lot less state polls are being conducted this year vs. 2012

by goldennugget
goldennugget410/26 8:31 am

Can dem "it's in the bag" smugness offer poor turnout

by Pectus
Pectus 1210/26 8:31 am
Homesick Tiger

Goofy Elizabeth Warren

by JaxDog
JaxDog 1310/26 8:30 am

Trump favorables with GOP and leaning Indies at all time high

by SirWinston
SirWinston 810/26 8:27 am

CTR is quiet this morning.

by GumboPot
GumboPot 310/26 8:25 am

USC/LA Times Poll: Trump back on top +1.1

by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 1110/26 8:23 am
Pax Regis

Russia's new super nukes

(Page 1 2)
by Meauxjeaux
Meauxjeaux 3110/26 8:23 am
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