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Learn where your candidate stands on the issues - Article for each candidate!

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by GetCocky11
GetCocky11 SouthCarolina fan598/31 12:26 pm
K E V 8 4

Uniformed officer refused service at Arbys........for being a cop

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by bamarep
bamarep739/2 10:24 pm

Why can't we be more like Sweden? Well, Sweden is becoming more like us.

by cokebottleag
cokebottleag TexasAM fan159/2 10:24 pm

Perhaps first of many Hillary aids to plead the Fifth....

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by MMauler
MMauler229/2 10:23 pm

Let's expose Black Lives Matter for what it is: Promotion of cop killing

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by accnodefense
accnodefense1049/2 10:19 pm

Unarmed man with hands up shot by police

by bmy
169/2 10:19 pm
Asgard Device

Vitter won't attend LPB debate tomorrow

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by Kramer26
Kramer26 Saints fan359/2 10:16 pm

Trump Meeting With RNC Chairman Priebus Tomorrow – Possible Pledge Ultimatum

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by GumboPot
329/2 10:10 pm

Kim Davis and the sanctity of marriage

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by PuntBamaPunt
PuntBamaPunt Vandy fan819/2 10:03 pm

Obamacare 'Cadillac tax' increases broad, complex, likely to snag Middle Class

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by NC_Tigah
959/2 10:03 pm

Why does the GOP need to pander to Latinos?

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by GumboPot
289/2 10:02 pm

This freakin' clown....

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by SavageOrangeJug
SavageOrangeJug Tennessee fan209/2 10:02 pm

Have our adversaries ever trolled the U.S. this much?

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by Da Sheik
329/2 10:00 pm

Mitch Daniels is doing awesome things at Purdue- implementing conservative ideas

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by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan309/2 9:49 pm

What the hell is wrong with Germany?

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by bucknut
bucknut OhioState fan959/2 9:48 pm

Parent told to remove his Confederate flags when picking up kid at school

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by imjustafatkid
imjustafatkid Alabama fan349/2 9:42 pm
Asgard Device

TRUMP wants Jeb! to speak Inglés

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by constant cough
499/2 9:28 pm

Iran decrees they can violate UN ballistic restrictions. No problem under deal

by CptBengal
CptBengal USA fan39/2 9:23 pm

Black marine destroys BLM in video

by LosLobos111
LosLobos111 Pelicans fan29/2 9:01 pm

Obama Taking Selfies and Preaching Climate Change Doomsday In Alaska

by cajunangelle
189/2 8:48 pm
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