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BREAKING: CNN producer secretly taped reveals true corruption

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by ZOU
ZOU 316/27 2:14 am
Walt OReilly

Trump Denies Russian Election Meddling

by Ebbandflow
Ebbandflow 66/27 2:12 am

CNN senior Producer caught on hot mic: "we are all russia russia for ratings"

by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 36/27 2:07 am

Student headed to prison for registering dead voters for Democrats

by dcbl
dcbl 156/27 1:56 am

2018, Liberals.

by GooseSix
GooseSix 66/27 1:40 am

BWAAAHAAAAAAA! You mean all this Russia BS was started because McCabe was a poon hound?

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by bamarep
bamarep 396/27 1:37 am

Iraqi police officer hugs suicide bomber to save countless lives

(Page 1 2)
by MastrShake
MastrShake 226/27 1:34 am

"Bombshell" story to drop soon..... "tick tick tick tick"

(Page 1 2 3)
by MButterfly
MButterfly 506/27 1:23 am

Say it with me!

by joshnorris14
joshnorris14 26/27 1:18 am

Anyone watching Lil Stevie Colbert?

by nateslu1
nateslu1 156/27 1:18 am

"Now More Than Ever... Our Mission Is Clear." -- CNN

by SoulGlo
SoulGlo 06/27 1:06 am

Johnny Depp's former business managers say he abused Amber Heard

by Rakim
Rakim106/27 12:53 am

Trump Inauguration morning: Based Rand Paul describes his solution to Obamacare. Thoughts?

by 225bred
225bred 116/27 12:41 am

BREAKING: White House press statement about developments in Syria.

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by 225bred
225bred 646/27 12:37 am

Is there anything more fascist than political correctness?

by gobuxgo5
gobuxgo5 106/27 12:33 am

#1 way to know for sure if an event was a false flag

(Page 1 2 3)
by goldennugget
goldennugget 416/27 12:05 am

Not a word about Custer

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by WhiskeyPapa
WhiskeyPapa 926/26 11:59 pm

Viking sniper did not want to be ISIS sex slave

(Page 1 2)
by KeyserSoze999
KeyserSoze999 306/26 11:57 pm

Morning Joe is hosting Mitch Landrieu tomorrow morning at 7:40 AM EST

by ihometiger
ihometiger86/26 11:43 pm
Gray Tiger

Yahoo: GOP donors are cutting GOP off until Trump's agenda gets done

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by notsince98
notsince98 436/26 11:40 pm

The origin of the PC shift.

by Duzz
Duzz 96/26 11:39 pm

Just to Piss off Little Bitch Mitch....

by MMauler
MMauler36/26 11:30 pm

"Covfefe" on list of vanity license plates banned in Georgia

by Wally Sparks
Wally Sparks 146/26 11:26 pm

Cedric Richmond wants to fight over the FACTS of NOLA being talked about.

(Page 1 2)
by Mike da Tigah
Mike da Tigah386/26 11:24 pm

Lynch looking at a 10 year stretch in federal prison

(Page 1 2)
by Strannix
Strannix 206/26 11:24 pm

A visual image depicting a typical leftist attempting to bring down TRUMP

by dcbl
dcbl 76/26 11:17 pm

Insider Memo:CNN Considers Prime Time Lineup Shakeup

by MButterfly
MButterfly 176/26 11:14 pm
Spock's Eyebrow

trump just tweeted

(Page 1 2)
by autauga
autauga 236/26 11:05 pm
TX Tiger

Brutal beating of Boston tourists in NO caught on camera

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by conservativewifeymom
conservativewifeymom1556/26 11:01 pm

BREAKING Circa: Memos suggest Russia Probe was FBI retaliation against Flynn

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by joshnorris14
joshnorris14 426/26 10:32 pm
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