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Founding fathers would be appalled at rehtaeh

by Fab4Freddy
Fab4Freddy Auburn fan156/3 3:30 pm

Founding fathers would be appalled at income inequality (with proof)

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by rehtaeh
rehtaeh Baylor fan806/3 3:30 pm

4 arrested for beating pregnant teen to force abortion, burning baby on grill

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by TN Bhoy
TN Bhoy USA fan476/3 3:29 pm

Majority in U.S. Still Say Moral Values Getting Worse

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by Revelator
Revelator686/3 3:29 pm

School employee fired for giving food to hungry children

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by bamarep
bamarep776/3 3:27 pm

CNN Poll: Majority believe Hillary doesn't care about them

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by Jon Ham
Jon Ham Arkansas fan516/3 3:27 pm
Jay Quest

Founding fathers would be appalled at gun control (with proof)

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by wickowick
406/3 3:26 pm

Obama: I Don’t Believe In Divisive Racial Politics

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by SavageOrangeJug
SavageOrangeJug Tennessee fan546/3 3:23 pm

"I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me"

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by knight_ryder
knight_ryder TexasAM fan246/3 3:20 pm

Woodrow Wilson would be appalled at bars and liquor stores (with proof)

by FourthQuarter
86/3 3:19 pm

A revolutionary idea in Health care: Don't follow the EU socialist model...

(Page 1 2)
by cokebottleag
cokebottleag TexasAM fan306/3 3:11 pm

Rethinking America's Military Strategy

by GeauxxxTigers23
GeauxxxTigers23 USA fan146/3 3:04 pm

How does TD feel about the USA freedom act?

by Ghetto Pimp
Ghetto Pimp116/3 2:59 pm

DUI laws are too strict

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by ShawnD
1316/3 2:55 pm
Mo Jeaux

Here is a sentence that gets conveniently forgotten a LOT by the left

by antibarner
antibarner Alabama fan76/3 2:38 pm
Green Chili Tiger

Question about the Patriot Act being allowed to expire

by FourthQuarter
46/3 2:34 pm

Is Jeb taking the gloves off?

by wfeliciana
wfeliciana96/3 2:20 pm

Jindal planning big splash by vetoing budget????

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by I B Freeman
I B Freeman306/3 1:48 pm

Wikileaks: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter

by wickowick
176/3 1:41 pm

Wikileaks offering $100K for copy of Barry's Trans Pacific Trade scam

by bamarep
bamarep56/3 1:40 pm
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