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Congress Bans Federal Agencies from Researching Gun Control

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by Spaulding Smails
Spaulding Smails 8710/7 4:58 pm
Fox Mulder

U.S. aircraft diverted to avoid Russian fighter in Syria

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by GIbson05
GIbson05 2210/7 4:57 pm

Obama threatens to veto bill allowing U.S. oil exports

by wickowick
wickowick 1410/7 4:56 pm

While we're into all this number comparing... SJW's, I'm talking to yall...

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by Alahunter
Alahunter 6110/7 4:56 pm

Russian warplanes in Syria destroy U.S.-trained rebels' weapons depots

by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 1410/7 4:55 pm

So the left says guns are a public health issue and should be banned.

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by CptBengal
CptBengal 5710/7 4:54 pm

Not to troll, but another great article out of Ha'aretz....

by Geauxrilla Ballz
Geauxrilla Ballz010/7 4:53 pm
Geauxrilla Ballz

A quick 20 second video of Ben Carson clarifying his comments on OR shooter.

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by CapitalCityDevil
CapitalCityDevil 3410/7 4:53 pm

Why one party rule is so dangerous: California's new ridiculous "equal pay" law

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by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 2010/7 4:47 pm

Here's an example of an alleged good trade deal. E.g., South Korea.

by GumboPot
GumboPot 1810/7 4:47 pm
Anfield Road

Vitter will not attend the debate tonight?

by Asgard Device
Asgard Device310/7 4:45 pm
Asgard Device

Discussion on Gun Control.

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by BamaScoop
BamaScoop 27710/7 4:45 pm

Russia Fires cruise missiles from warships into Syria

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by Northwestern tiger
Northwestern tiger 3110/7 4:40 pm

Special House committee set to probe Planned Parenthood allegations

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by a want
a want 3510/7 4:39 pm

JBE's ad is strong---remember he is his left, left, left

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by I B Freeman
I B Freeman4110/7 4:36 pm

Cruz makes Sierra Club president look foolish

by Ramblin Wreck
Ramblin Wreck 1810/7 4:29 pm

What if we swapped the populations of Mississippi & Hati?

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by butterball101
butterball101 3010/7 4:28 pm

Obama apologizes for the hospital bombing in Afghanistan

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by L.A.
L.A. 2610/7 4:27 pm
Dead End

Cruz at 6%. Bush at 4% can we stop taking them seriously?

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by CelticDog
CelticDog2410/7 4:24 pm

FBI seizes four State Department servers in Clinton email probe

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by wickowick
wickowick 2910/7 4:17 pm
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