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Top 10 reasons to vote Ted Cruz

by pecanridge
pecanridge 611/26 8:59 am
Jagd Tiger

Obama "deeply disturbed" about Chicago about a raped and murdered

(Page 1 2)
by SavageOrangeJug
SavageOrangeJug 2311/26 8:58 am

Anyone enjoying really uncomfortable political discussions with family?

by barry
barry 1411/26 8:56 am
Homesick Tiger

What do you think is he average IQ on the poli board?

(Page 1 2)
by LSUTigersVCURams
LSUTigersVCURams 2011/26 8:55 am
Bestbank Tiger

More than 30 "White Student Unions" pop up after campus disruptions -

by Eurocat
Eurocat1411/26 8:52 am

Paul Ryan and Chuck Schummer hammering out a $700 billion Obamacare infusion.

(Page 1 2)
by GumboPot
GumboPot 3011/26 8:52 am
I B Freeman

Should the President resign from office?

by BarberitosDawg
BarberitosDawg 911/26 8:49 am

Happy Thanksgiving to my PB members...

by lsuroadie
lsuroadie 511/26 8:47 am

Matt Drudge Tweets: “America Has Been Arming ISIS"

(Page 1 2)
by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 2711/26 8:45 am

Do you call it ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh?

(Page 1 2)
by DavidTheGnome
DavidTheGnome2511/26 8:32 am

University Students Comforted with ‘Counseling’ After Seeing Confederate Flag

(Page 1 2 3 4)
by SavageOrangeJug
SavageOrangeJug 6411/26 8:03 am
EZE Tiger Fan

Best way to improve education is cut pay of teachers.

(Page 1 2)
by prplhze2000
prplhze2000 2711/26 7:55 am

I saw a Bernie sticker today

(Page 1 2)
by Jim Rockford
Jim Rockford 2811/26 7:51 am

Lady Liberty is a Muslim

by CommoDawg
CommoDawg 1111/26 7:42 am

Anything about the kid shot 16 times in Chicago by the white cop?

(Page 1 2)
by AlaTiger
AlaTiger 2911/26 7:21 am

Trump Leads Nationally and Easily Beats Cruz, Rubio and Carson Head-To-Head

by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 1611/26 6:47 am

What are you thankful for?

by Dawgfanman
Dawgfanman311/26 6:41 am

Daily weather "reports" on national news.........

by jeffsdad
jeffsdad611/26 6:33 am

Why are the order of primary states always the same order?

by rpg37
rpg37 911/26 4:40 am

TRUMP has me even more excited than voting for Ron Paul

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by Gcockboi
Gcockboi 3811/26 3:18 am
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