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Supreme Court Justice Scalia found dead at Texas ranch

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by 4cubbies
4cubbies 2532/13 11:39 pm
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The OFFICIAL 9th Republican Presidential Debate Thread™

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by Sentrius
Sentrius 9472/13 10:59 pm
The Boat

With Scalia gone and no replacement yet, what's happens to cases on the docket?

by Sentrius
Sentrius 02/14 12:10 am

I now have a new found respect for Trump

by Berned
Berned 92/14 12:10 am

I like GW Bush, but let's be honest...

by HubbaBubba
HubbaBubba 172/14 12:10 am

CNN reporting Obama's nominee likely to be Sri Srinivasan

(Page 1 2 3)
by LesGeaux45
LesGeaux45 472/14 12:09 am

I kind of feel like it all starts today.

by Scoop
Scoop 82/14 12:09 am

For You Peeps Predicting Donald Trump's Decline & Fall

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by KCT
KCT 382/14 12:08 am

Can Capitalism and Democratic Socialism successfully coexist in the US?

by Tunasntigers92
Tunasntigers92 22/14 12:08 am

Why America needs John Kasich, and why I am pulling for him

by dcbl
dcbl 112/14 12:07 am

You know when you lash out and call Trumpkins stupid

(Page 1 2 3)
by genro
genro 402/14 12:07 am

This Picture...Your Thoughts

by Kcoyote
Kcoyote 182/14 12:06 am

With a Dem being elected Pres, who gets named to SCOTUS?

(Page 1 2)
by antibarner
antibarner 272/14 12:06 am

Vietnam...Did The Press or The Democtatic Admins Cost Us The War?

by OTIS2
OTIS2 172/14 12:04 am

TRUMP is Tweeting Again

by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 102/14 12:02 am
Seldom Seen

Why is Personal Responsibility an argument loved by Conservatives

by Geauxgurt
Geauxgurt 52/14 12:02 am

How did Jindal not break the law when he borrowed from next year's budget?

by Asgard Device
Asgard Device22/13 11:58 pm

If you were the Republican nominee, who would be your VP?

by hsfolk
hsfolk 42/13 11:58 pm

How high do es Obama and Democrats want to set the stakes for this election?

by dcbl
dcbl 22/13 11:56 pm

Why does JBE's Budget Spare Public Schools From Cuts?

by SaintsnTigers1
SaintsnTigers1172/13 11:49 pm
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