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Paul Allen
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Zamboni driver - hockey question

How does one become a Zamboni driver for an NHL team?

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re: Zamboni driver - hockey question

just be able to hold your liquor


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Majin Buu
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re: Zamboni driver - hockey question

Especially if you're Steve Austin.


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Stetson Fan
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re: Zamboni driver - hockey question

You probably have to start at smaller local skating rinks.

I actually used to have a book about weird jobs, and how to get into them. Wish I knew where it was.

Zamboni driver was one of the jobs that I had highlighted as something I thought would be cool. I think the average salary was also pretty decent, at like 40+ per year, and this was back in the mid 90's. I'd imagine the guys doing the NHL arenas were the ones driving up that average.

The other job that I thought sounded great was blimp pilot, but that's a tough one to get into, as there's really just not a whole lotta blimps out there.

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Georgia Tech Fan
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re: Zamboni driver - hockey question

blimp pilot?

Is that one of you kids' cute euphemisms for screwing fat girls?

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the now
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re: Zamboni driver - hockey question

Zamboni is easy. Start by getting a job at the rink of a college that has hockey. Get in good with the boss. Drive for college games, then apply at some pro rink.

In college I knew a guy from Vegas who drove the boni.

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