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re: Greetings from the Hokie Nation

No problem.

Obviously, that's not an exact numerical formula for every white to black skin color change, but I believe those first 4 steps in the order listed are the steps I generally try first and typically work for me when I do manage to come out with something good enough.

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re: Greetings from the Hokie Nation

Tinting came out good!

Changing skin coloration can be tough. Another way to do it is to take the initial coloration and first remove it to the extent you want by adjusting the saturation, then either using a mask from another source, adjusting the lighting etc.

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re: Greetings from the Hokie Nation

Thanks Nole for even more info. Nothing better than learning new stuff. I know there has to be a better/easier way to do half the stuff I'm doing. On top of it all, I'm partially colorblind, so that's always interesting. Once I was making a gif with Dooley and Chizik and I was almost completely done. I had used the color match in an attempt to make them blend in the picture better. My wife saw it asked "Why are their faces so green?" haha

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