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Payday 2

anyone pick this up or download it on ps3 or 360, ive heard some good things from guys in my shop but just wana hear what the GB thinks about it.

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re: Payday 2

Picked it up day 1 for 360 and have played a shite ton of it. It is definitely worth it for $40.

You need to play online though. The CPU is terrible at helping you complete any mission.

It needs DLC decently soon because me and my friends have played it so much that we can now blow through some of the hardest missions with ease, but getting to this point was well worth it. We still occasionally get overwhelmed by the cops.

It is still so much fun because we are now trying to get through every mission silently and it is hard as frick.

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re: Payday 2

Picked it up yesterday and played for a few hours... So far so good!

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re: Payday 2

need 2 more people for a full party

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re: Payday 2

I play on the PC & love it.

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