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Why Late Transfer Moves?

The whole Bale saga with RM and the Arsenal situation with virtually 0 signings got me wondering about the transfer process. Why do teams wait so late in the window, even after the season has started, to get things done? Is it similar to the trade deadline situation in the US where teams hold out as long as possible then just cave at the last second? It just seems like this process is so drawn out. It's the off-season, how much really changes from day to day?

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re: Why Late Transfer Moves?
To frick each other up

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re: Why Late Transfer Moves?
What you said, plus bad start to the season causes last minute panic buys

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re: Why Late Transfer Moves?
It behooves the team with the upperhand to string it along. The weaker entity in the negotiation becomes more and more desperate as the deadline approaches.

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