Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark? |
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Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark?

* Paypal
* Space X
* Tesla
* Solar City
* Hyperloop

It is amazing what this guy has been able to do at only 42 years of age. I bet when all said and done, he will go down as a bigger innovator/inventor than Steve Jobs. I think he will leave a wider impact on humanity and the way we lead our lives than Jobs.

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re: Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark?
Well, the director of the Iron Man movies says Musk was the inspiration for his depiction of Stark, and he had a cameo in Iron Man 2.

And even though he has not and probably will not build a hyperloop, he already has by far a more impressive resume than Steve Jobs, at least in terms of inventing and innovating. I mean, we are comparing small electronic devices to motherfricking rocket ships. Jobs' expertise was in figuring out what consumers wanted and marketing it to them to see how much they will pay. Musk's expertise is in figuring out what the world needs and making it as cheap as possible.

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re: Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark?

Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark?

In a way, yes...

But is he going to build SpaceX and the Hyperloop himself I mean, Tony Start built all of his shite on his own

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