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Brisket Recipe

The wife has lately been asking me to try my hand at a brisket, which is something I have never even thought of attempting. I sold my charcoal pit when I had to move to an apartment in NOLA, but I have recently moved to Jackson and am working with an electric grill and oven. What are some good recipes out there?

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re: Brisket Recipe

Follow this one. After a couple of failures, I used that one and followed it as best as I could. Turned out great.

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re: Brisket Recipe

The site by timbo has a lot of good info on it. You may also want to see Franklin's Youtube videos - very helpful.

As for type of wood, Franklin recommends (post) oak as a 1st choice and hickory as a 2nd choice.

Hope it turns out well - give us a follow up.

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re: Brisket Recipe

Cover brisket in mustard. Rub down with black pepper, garlic powder, salt, brown sugar. Put directly on smoker fat cap down at 220° until internal reaches 165°, spraying occasionally with apple juice. At 165°, cover in apple juice / brown sugar, wrap in foil, smoke to internal of 200°, pull, and leave wrapped to rest in dry ice chest for 2 hours.
Split point from flat, slice flat for serving. Cut point into 1"cubes, shake point cubes in bbq sauce and brown sugar, put back on smoker at 220°to dry out to make burnt ends

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