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Selling a house question

Quick question. Lets say you have two houses in the same neighborhood and same quality. Everything is the same except the size. One house is 1450 sq. ft and the other is 1790 sq. ft. Here is my question, should the price of these homes be the same on a per square foot basis? For example, $130/sq. ft. or would the larger home get more money cause it is bigger? Thanks.

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re: Selling a house question

Some of this will depend on how much the land is worth and how big the respective lots are. If the land itself is high value and the lots are about the same then the larger house may actually appraise / sell for less per square foot.

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re: Selling a house question

If the size difference is just a few hundred square feet, you probably will get close to the same $ per sq ft.

But you really need to look at both properties objectively.
Does one have higher finishes?
Is one all brick?
Garage size?

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