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Wildcat FC / Tornados Season Long Thread

So I've been assistant coaching indoor and outdoor youth teams for several years. This summer though, I'm coaching both my sons indoor team and my daughters futsal team.

My sons team (Wildcat) is U-14, and is made up solely of his 7th grade (going to 8th) middle school team. They are pretty good, with 5 academy kids and 3 club team kids, with 4 other local level kids.

My daughters team is U-7, and they play 3v3 futsal right now, but will move up to 8v8 indoor in the winter.

Anyway, I know most probably don't care, but I'm going to keep this updated each weekend, and if I need help and coaching tips, I expect you guys to step up.

I'll update with schedule/scores in a little while. We just got back from my sons game, and are about to leave for my daughters game.

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