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MLB 2K13

Anybody own this game for the 360? I'm in the market for a baseball game and I'm highly considering buying it, but $60 for a baseball game other than The Show makes me kinda sad.

I've read reviews but was curious if anyone owns it and has any input?

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re: MLB 2K13


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re: MLB 2K13

get a ps3

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re: MLB 2K13

If you haven't played the show, it may be ok. I tried it b/c pops only has a 360 and I was looking for a good baseball game for us to play online, but I ended up buying him a PS3 so we could play the show.

As far as baseball, eh, it gets the job done ok. It is not nearly as polished and way more clunky the the show.


I would definitely rent it first tho

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re: MLB 2K13

Completely mediocre. If you don't care about roster updates, get 2k12 since it's exactly the same game. It's not worth the price though.

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re: MLB 2K13

Yeah. Just get 2k12, same exact game and I think you update rosters through Xbox live anyways.

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re: MLB 2K13

they've had to package MLB 2K12 and 2K13 with NBA 2K just to make it look interesting.

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re: MLB 2K13

Do not buy.

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