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Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

In a general sense, how bad does having multiple jobs listed on your resume look? History is history, but I'm just asking. I've had four "real jobs" that I've had since college:

#1 was for a year (first job i could get), left to work back home.

#2 was for 6 years back in my hometown with a company i worked for while in college. Work got slow and I was laid off.

I took job #3 and it just wasn't a good fit with the hours/travel and I was only there for 8 months before I took job #4.

Love job #4, been here for two years and wish I could stay here for 30 more years, but unless something big changes, will likely get laid off again.

So that's four in ten years.

Would this look like job hopping to a potential employeer? It sucks that it's happend that way but it is what it is. I also have good references from all four.

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re: Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

Depends on the industry. In my own, four in ten years would look relatively stable. In something like law, that wouldn't look stable at all. But having served in one role for six years, they'll know you have commitment.

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re: Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

That's not bad man. You weren't terminated for disciplinary reasons, and there aren't any long gaps of unemployment. You should be fine.

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re: Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

Doesn't seem too odd. If references check out I don't see much of an issue. Moving to work close to home is totally reasonable.

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re: Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

I personally wouldn't mention job #3 and chalk it up to the economy.

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re: Resume Question: Multiple Jobs

Seeing as many people have been laid off in recent years because of the economy, I don't think that looks bad at all. Especially considering your 6 year stint, and your current job going on two years.

best of luck

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