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re: Shame on the Reveille for its predatory journalism


The fact that so many here were willing to jump Blue's arse without the facts further proves PC and the idiots who push it have won. And in most cases, if they (the PC pushers) have nothing, they will simply make it up....and most of the public will fall for it. The power of the media, no matter how small the outlet, is really dangerous, especially when it is a corrupt media.

That's because the average person is an idiot who will jump to conclusions without getting all the facts first.

Where is LSU2006, Geauxgus, and all the other guys willing to pounce on their own at a drop of a hat. Where is the apology? Where is the loyalty? Where is the sound reasoning, like waiting to see the full interview? I've seen this all too well how sports media creates a villian then has his own attack his character. But it's on us to bave better sense about these things.

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