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Auction League Question

Our league this year is moving from nine players to twelve players. I was wondering how much inflation was going to hit. Does anyone have experience with that? In out league last year for instance, Ryan Braun went for $38. I project he would go for about $44 this year...does this seem about right...about 15% more per pick?

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re: Auction League Question

There's no real way to calculate it since every league is different. The only known factor is that yes prices will increase because of the added $$$. Just set your limits on players and don't cross them.

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re: Auction League Question

Its hard to judge especially if someone values a player as much as you do but...

I paid $45 for a twelve team league... $52 for a 14 team league... and $49 for a 16 team league for Ryan Braun.

The only team I feel as I'll have a long shot to place in the money is the 16 team league do to my crappy pitching.

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