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Mike da Tigah
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Best Boilers off Sherwood

Well, as it turns out, yep, genius.

As some of you may have read the thread on Taco Boudreauxs the other day, I cried for a place for boiled seafood on this side of town, and as I am driving down Sherwood passing Taco Boudreauxs I then pass the new "Best Boilers" in the old fizzled out bar and grill place, the name escapes me. Magoos?

A few days late and a lot of dollars short, but good move IMO.

Best of luck to them. I will be there over the weekend if they're open by then. They have signage but I couldn't tell. Looks like they may be.

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Patty's Pub
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood

Man Id love to have a boiler place in br that is easy to get to, one of my favorite things in life is sitting on Hilton Head Island enjoying a fresh steamer bucket

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Over Yander
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood

They're open. I tried it..not bad. Too little salt, Too much pepper.

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Ohio State Fan
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood

I stopped in the other day, they weren't ready to sell anything. I hope they can make it when crawfish are out of season.

They said they would have boiled shrimp in an hour, but they were $10 lb, is that on the high side? I don't buy many boiled shrimp, maybe they were large or out of season.

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Lucky Tiger13
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood

Bumping this instead of making a new thread. Made the stop here last week and had a good time. Owner/staff was friendly and food was great. Decided to bring a couple friends from out of town there on Saturday after the spring game and had a great time. Owner mentioned the possibility of LSU themed promotions (i.e. % off if wearing LSU gear)

-Well seasoned and large crawfish
-Mushrooms were incredible
-Canebrake on tap for $2
-Using Manda sausage which I love
-Price: 3 lbs for roughly $10 bucks

-Could clean crawfish a little more to prevent grass (also purge better)
-Payment method. You pay when you order which means you also pay again for a tab if you're drinking. Just inconvenient I guess.

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New Orleans Saints Fan
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood

Bumping to see if anyone else has tried it.

I went a few weeks ago and it was very good. Crawfish were huge and seasoned well. My only complaint was it was a bit expensive and wouldn't be a place I would frequent.

I went there for lunch by myself while running errands. I was pretty hungry and ordered 5 lbs boiled. I wanted corn, potatoes, and sausage, but you can't order like one piece of corn. Had to be 3. And 5 potatoes. And an enormous piece of sausage which was very good.

My lunch to check this place out turned into $28. And I had so much food I could have split it with someone which would have made it a better deal.

Anyway, I'll definitely order from them again in the future and now that I know how the place works, it'll be to-go orders for the wife and I.

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baton rouge
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re: Best Boilers off Sherwood


sitting on Hilton Head Island enjoying a fresh steamer bucket

You are OT cheating.

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