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MacBook charger question

Fellow MacBook OTers.

My wall charger went to shite on me and is no longer working. I tried a friends charger just to make sure that was the issue and it was. I went to amazon to order one and I noticed the non apple chargers. They are significantly cheaper than the apple chargers. Anyone have any experience with these?

Are they good quality or should I just buy the apple charger?


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re: MacBook charger question

their non apple iPhone chargers work fine

you could probably return it if it sucks

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re: MacBook charger question

We got one of the cheaper ones at the house and the computers work just fine while plugged in but it seems like the charge doesn't last nearly as long when you use them off of the plug. It could be all in my head but I don't think it is.

ETA: Also the cord is only like 3 feet long which sucks and the plug falls out easily.

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re: MacBook charger question

You can probably go to the apple store and get a new one. Just bring your macbook, and show them.

Mine shut off me recently, but I just have a 2-prong to 3-prong converter that I use. It does the job actually

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re: MacBook charger question

Got a magsafe one just like the original off eBay for super cheap, works fine.

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re: MacBook charger question

I got mine from this guy on E Bay. It's an Apple charger, just doesn't come with the plug. Since I already had the plug, I didn't care and just used it. It works fine. $29.95 and free shipping.


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