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Best Ipod Docks/speakers?

Looking to spend 70-100 bucks on a new system to play my music on

Been looking at this:

Which has a dock and bluetooth connection and supposedly some really nice bass, but im really not sure how bluetooth works tbh and im not sure if Spotify would work with it (which would be a deal breaker) Can someone give me a rundown on Bluetooth devices like this and if they work with Spotify and other similar services?

Also want to see what else is out there that yall would suggest, i dont want to break the bank but ive been through a billion cheap quality 20-50 dollar docking stations

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re: Best Ipod Docks/speakers?

I have ditched the iPod docks. I bought a pair of cpu speakers and have been using those ever since. The sound is way better than anything you are going to get for under 100 bucks.

If you are going to spend more money, the bose ipod dock is the way to go. Wish I hadnt broken mine.

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re: Best Ipod Docks/speakers?

My surround sound system has a dock for the ipod. It is a perfect system for myself, hooks up to the TV, PS3, turntable and ipod (although I'm currently without ipod)

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re: Best Ipod Docks/speakers?


the bose ipod dock is the way to go

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re: Best Ipod Docks/speakers?

B&W Zeppelin.

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re: Best Ipod Docks/speakers?

We have a Bose and a Klipsch. I think the Klipsch sounds better, and was less expensive.

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