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Commanders Palace Chefs Tasting Menu

Alright folks, help me out with this. I know there is the deal where 4 people can sit in the kitchen and get fed a ton of courses.

It's been quite a while since I've seen it mentioned on here. Was wondering what the estimated cost would be for this meal? I'm guessing you can get the same meal served in the regular dining room also, but at a cheaper price(or maybe smaller number of courses)?


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re: Commanders Palace Chefs Tasting Menu

Call them up and they will give you the price ranges. Ours, with wine pairing, was around $1k for 4 of us, I think. You cannot get the same meal in the restaurant. For the chef's tasting, one of the sous chefs makes a menu and cooks for you and no one else. When we did it, the food was light years beyond anything on the regular menu.

They book up 6-12 months in advance for weekends.

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re: Commanders Palace Chefs Tasting Menu

My brother did it a few weeks ago and was got us a spot to do it this week, but we decided to do it another time when we would have 4 rather than 3. It's about $500 without the wines, I believe, for 4 people. You get 7 or 8 courses and it's not all the same foods from the menu as I understand it. Tory was there when he was there. They loved it.

Martini has done it and someone else on the board did it within the past year, I believe.

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