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re: ****The Official Rand Paul for POTUS 2016****


Ron Paul's pro-life views may disqualify him from someone's definition.
Abortion can be argued under the NAP. Homosexuality, sanctions, and speech? Weak analogy.

If Rand starts voting to take away your liberties, then rail against him.
That's what I'm doing. Try to keep up.

To win in 2016 Rand needs to appeal to your average dumb Iowa Republican, you know the ones who supported Bush. This is what guides his political calculations.
If your idea of a good candidate is to be Bush-like then you cannot be helped.

Iran was an issue Ron Paul lost a lot of ground. Rand won't make the same mistake.
Thank you for proving my point about Rand Paul.

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re: ****The Official Rand Paul for POTUS 2016****

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